True America is New Christendom

After more than five hundred years of religious persecution in the aftermath of the Protestant Revolution and over two hundred years of political persecution from libertarian “Enlightenment” Republicanism, it is time to address the anti-Catholic symbiotic Church-State relationship between the Republic and the Protestantism it serves. In order to do so, we need to examine the Republic at its roots and challenge many of the long-held, cherished premises that we were taught from our youth. The purpose of this writing is to state new premises upon which to found our world view of politics and culture, each of which would need to be addressed more fully in separate discussions. These new premises are:

The United States of America, a Protestant, Masonic, “Enlightenment” based Republic, must be separated from the living, real form of “True America,” Royal and Catholic. The Republic is a human construct born of anti-Catholic, non-Christian influences, and forced upon Catholic True America by men intent on revolutionary rebellion against the divine construct of Christ’s Church.

True America is New Christendom, the land colonized by the Catholic nations of Europe, namely, France and Spain. The main intent of Catholic Monarchies, even beyond the goal of riches, was to expand Christendom and the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” to the New World and beyond.

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared by divine providence for the salvation of this hemisphere in what is now Mexico only twenty years after Cortez (with the help of many local native tribes), defeated the Aztecs and claimed the new land for Catholic Spain.

Our Lady appeared well before “Lady Liberty” appeared in New York harbor as the “Enlightenment” secular, anti-Christian counterpart to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our Lady first claimed this hemisphere for her son. Lady Liberty later claimed it for the Enlightenment ideal.

Our Lady brought about the conversion of this entire hemisphere through the expansion of Christendom to the New World, not by building a purely “earthly” Kingdom, but for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of her son Jesus Christ to all corners of the world, just as He commanded before His ascension. Christ’s Kingdom is “not of this world” but must still be brought “on earth as it is in Heaven” for the salvation of souls.

Our Lady appeared in this hemisphere and converted millions, not coincidently, at the same time Protestant Revolutionaries were leading millions away from Christ’s Church in the old world through the new doctrines of the Protestant Revolution. While Protestants were leading souls to perdition in Europe, Our Lady was saving souls in the New World.

The artificial construct called the Republic was founded by Masonic, “Enlightened” Deists who naturally and culturally made use of Christian themes to lead men from the true faith and to direct the New World away from Our Lady’s designs.

Manifest Destiny was an anti-Catholic Hegelian influenced American philosophy to rid the hemisphere of Catholic Monarchies.

The result was a new Hegelian governing institution which represented the next dialectical evolution of Protestantism, moving ever further from the Church than in the earlier Protestant Revolution. Paradoxically, the Civil Religion of the Republic, with its own sacred documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) and “Fathers” (Washington, Jefferson, Madison,, is the Protestant replica of the institutional Catholic Church. Whereas Catholic Christendom relied on a common cause alliance between the Catholic Church and the Monarchical State, the Protestant New World similarly depends on a common cause alliance through civil religion between Protestantism and the Republic, with the Republic’s key role being to keep the Catholic Church from ever again having preeminent political and cultural influence. Separation of Church and State in the Republic is no more than a final, permanent separation, a divorce, of society and culture from the influence of the Catholic Church, that is, from the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The American Civil Religion prioritizes libertarian “freedom” over the gospel as the primary aim of the Republic, while Catholic Monarchies prioritized the spreading of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” in order that we might truly be free.

Restoring Christ’s rightful and preeminent place in the world for the salvation of souls, the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven,” requires the restoration of “True America” which is New Christendom, Royal and Catholic.

Restoring New Christendom requires first the conversion of hearts, from Protestant Republican hearts to Catholic “Royal Hearts.” Our work is not overtly political; it is spiritual and philosophical. We are, as the Apostle Paul encourages us to be, loyal and lawful citizens of the Republic and recognize that all authority comes from God, whether as a blessing or a chastisement. Our work is for the conversion of hearts.

The above premises summarize one of the key purposes of my work, where I have developed philosophical, religious, and spiritual principles for this restoration.

This key purpose of is “restoring the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America” – in order to resurrect New Christendom for the salvation of souls and to bring the Father’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe claimed this hemisphere for her Son’s Church well before Lady Liberty claimed it for the Enlightenment.