Through French Eyes: The Counterrevolution

This section will lay out what we propose will be very effective tactics for aiding the restoration of the Catholic Church, which is the Kingdom of God on earth, and for doing our small part in saving her from the hellish forces of Protestantism, Eastern New Age Paganism, and the mother of all anti-Church Satanic influences, Freemasonry, the latter of which seeks a blasphemous one world religion where all churches are seen simply as a melting pot of spirituality energizing the building of a utopian, anti-God, secular humanist, earthly City of Man and which, collectively, adores Man himself through his “self-actualization,” “self-awareness,” and, essentially, his “divine-self.” The tactics here are intended as specific antidotes to these anti-Church forces that spiritually poison the Church and are related to Le Royaume’s three primary programs supporting our Mission and Vision, namely:

Seek the Kingdom through True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and habitual Eucharistic adoration.

Love the Kingdom through a journey on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to “La France Mystique,” that is, “Mystical France” with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Defend the Kingdom through devotion to the Counterrevolutionary spirit of traditional French Catholicism and of the culture of Christendom that developed through the centuries around the Faith of the ages.

Three fundamental points must be understood by every faithful Catholic, whether or not they find specific affection in devotion to Traditional French Catholic Spirituality and the Renaissance of Catholic France, for Le Royaume, as stated in point four of her ten points, does not consider herself as normative for the Church; she is simply designed as one Counterrevolutionary force supporting the universal Church and is for those who feel special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Mystical Kingdom of France. It is in the French mindset, however, that we gain a unique insight, for France is, and has been historically, the great battle ground between the Church and the anti-Church forces. It is through the evils of the French Revolution that we see Satan’s strategy, which began in the Protestant Revolution, now officially codified in language. It is this same strategy that he is using to fan the flames of revolution inside the Church today. That strategy is: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.”

Our Lady was replaced by this lady in the French Revolution

The cry of the French Revolutionaries that later so inspired Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Russia has become the cry of revolutionaries in the Church; though, the latter’s language is predictably obscure and deceptive. Le Royaume aims here to call it out into the sunlight that we might defend ourselves from it and ultimately to destroy it.

The Problem

The attack on Christ’s Holy Catholic Church through the post-Vatican II years has come along the very same three avenues whereby Satan so horrifically raged against the Church during the French Revolution. The “smoke of Satan” entering the Church after Vatican II (as described by Pope Paul VI) was the very smoke that burned in the Bolshevik Revolution and which was in turn inspired by the French Revolution of the “enlightenment,” which was itself inspired by the American Revolution with its “Separation of Church and State,” all of which ultimately spawned from the evils of the Protestant Revolution. These three points are critical to understanding the Freemasonry-inspired confusion in the Church which gives, temporarily and only by the mysterious will of God, free reign for Satan to walk through the Kingdom of God on earth and to mock our Savior as he did on Calvary:

Liberté – religious freedom – the revolution in the Church to promote a Masonic freedom of religion whereby error is given the same rights as Truth and which tends to support democratic spirituality and the formation of Democratic, Constitutional Republics as the governmental “right arm” of Satan’s secular humanism.

Vatican II’s declaration on religious freedom is used by revolutionaries in the Church to destroy the preeminence in society and culture of Jesus Christ and His Body, the Church, all in the name of “freedom.” Liberté is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from freedom through obedience to God and toward slavery through obedience to man.

Liberté “allows” people to “personally” believe something while never, ever feeling the right to “impose” that belief on others.

Liberté is the battle cry for revolutionaries in the Church who seek to destroy Catholic Christian culture by publicly supporting civil rights for evils such as abortion or same-sex “marriage” while claiming all the while that they do not “personally” believe that way! The revolutionaries inside the Church now preach that this is the “new” way of Catholicism, or, alternatively, they are forced to unmercifully twist and mangle their words to explain to us that this is “how the pre-conciliar Church really thought.”

In the final analysis, these revolutionaries support a secular freedom that leads to the slavery of Adam over a religious obedience that leads to the freedom of Jesus Christ.

Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety

Egalité – ecumenism – the revolution in the Church to promote the equality of all “Christian” denominations in a false ecumenism which is no more than the frontal assault of the evils of Protestantism in the Church.

Revolutionaries are using the Church’s teaching on ecumenism to mitigate, or even to destroy it seems at times, the Church’s unique claim as the only Church of Jesus Christ and the only Church through which is given us the hope for salvation. We are reduced to the lowest common denominator of belief in order to appear more attractive to Protestants rather than to pronounce the fullness of our faith with vigor so as to convert Protestants to the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church.

Egalité is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and toward a new democratic collegiality among baptized Christians, where the revolutionaries would have us seek understanding with and (heaven help us) even learning from heretics and schismatics.

Egalité works in union with liberté to break down the walls of the Church and to carry away her inhabitants as slaves to the new, Masonic, one world spirituality of tolerance and world peace. The Catholic is led to believe that his or her traditional interpretation of the Faith is “intolerant” and “divisive” which are contrary to the “true” teachings of Jesus Christ (apparently only recently discovered through the intellectual superiority of the modern mind!).

The Catholic therefore is led to believe that his or her new chains of slavery in Freemasonic thought are really the vestments of freedom.


Fraternité – tolerance for other religions – the revolution in the Church to promote the Masonic, one world utopian ideal of world peace through the eradication of religious differences.

Revolutionaries are using the Church’s teachings on other religions with Vatican II’s teaching on salvation outside the Catholic Church to mitigate her missionary and evangelical zeal for the conversion and salvation of souls. Fraternité is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from the Great Commission of Christ to baptize all nations that the Father’s Kingdom might come “on earth as it is in Heaven” and toward a new Kingdom of Man representing Satan’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Hell.”

We see here the blasphemous integration of Eastern New Age spiritualities into the Church and her liturgies. A supposed value is promoted regarding the spirituality of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other oriental pagan religions. Tolerance for Islam is promoted as a means of leading the way toward the utopian ideal. Pacifism is promoted (since nothing should ever be defended anyway – to defend means to believe in the superiority of one’s belief – this true belief is despised by revolutionaries).

Catholicism is shamed for her past, and the faithful are told that Jesus really wants (and always did want) the “enlightened,” “progressive,” “modern” way! Original sin no longer exists (nor did it ever really, in the teachings of the revolutionaries), Christ’s death was simply a tragedy of ignorant religious zeal (such as the Catholic Church has expressed through the centuries) and therefore unnecessary. His death on the cross “saves” us through the enlightenment we now receive by the modernist’s intellectual superiority in interpreting the past. Jesus becomes “resurrected” and “alive” in our hearts when we finally eschew all religion and embrace the utopian one world spirituality of man.

Fraternité closes the loop to the unholy trinity with liberté and egalité.

The Satanic secular virtues of liberté, egalité, and fratenité flew in spirit through the ages from their inception in the Protestant Revolution to the “Enlightenment,” then to the American Revolution of “Separation of Church and State,” then the French Revolution where it became codified, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution, the Sixties “Hippie” Revolution, and now to the modern Secular Humanist Revolution. There is one personified spirit behind all of these revolutions with one, and only one objective: the destruction of the Holy Catholic Church. Liberté, egalité, and fraternité are the inversion of the true virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. This is the reason that so many Catholics are confused today. They hear words that mimic the Truth while being brow beaten with a supposed charity.

France Catholique cloud 2
The Solution is the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Le Royaume’s Solution

In order to counter these heresies and false spiritualities, and in a spirit of true charity that desires not to see anyone condemned for eternity (which condemnation of souls is the deceptive and ultimate aim of the one world spirituality), Le Royaume has established her programs and objectives. We must be unyielding and indefatigable in our efforts to call out these three key operations of Satan and push back on his revolutionaries both inside and outside the Church through the following:

Seek the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of liberté through True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and habitual Eucharistic adoration.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and union with the Real and Substantial Presence of Jesus Christ in His Eucharist, souls will be led to understand that obedience to the dogmas, doctrines, and magisterial teachings of the Church is the narrow but true road leading to the magnificent Kingdom of God. The Virgin Mary with her Son, Who is truly man and truly God and the only Savior of the human race, will never, and can never, deceive.

By obediently “seeking first the Kingdom” in their care, the soul abounds in hopeful joy of finding true freedom in the Kingdom of God.

Love the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of egalité through devotion and consecration to the magnificent saints, Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux, both secondary co-patronesses of France.

Together with the Virgin Mary, who is truly Queen of France by virtue of King Louis XIII’s consecration of France to her, these two daughters of God will faithfully lead the soul toward a mystical Kingdom, the mystical Kingdom of France, which far outshines any earthly Kingdom.

The soul will come to understand that the Kingdom of God (which, like a mansion with many rooms, encompasses many Kingdoms) has no equal!

The soul will come to understand the beauty of authentic inequality as expressed in the hierarchies of angelic spirits and saintly souls making up the Kingdom as like the various hierarchies of trees, flowers, rivers, meadows, and mountains making up one, indivisible, unified panorama!

Now, there, through the dogmas and doctrines of the Catholic Church, we will find true unity and peace, all in magnificent splendor! It is precisely this true unity and peace in love that the revolutionaries would seek to deny us for the ruin of our souls! It is this true unity and peace in love that we defend and offer to the world!

Defend the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of fraternité through inculcating in our souls a Counterrevolutionary spirit as historically demonstrated by the Catholic and Royal Army of the Vendée during the French Revolution (and which has its counter-part in the Cristeros of Mexico in the early 20th century).

Defense of the Kingdom of God is expressed in a spirit of total love and charity for both God and mankind. We refuse to bow before the false modern spiritualities.

We refuse to offer incense to the false idols of secular humanism as expressed through such totalitarian campaigns as abortion rights, gay rights, and same sex “marriage.” We refuse, and we defend our faith, out of love, for the pagan non-believer, the murderer, the lustful, the unrepentant and active homosexual, the drunk, the blasphemer, or any unrepentant sinner cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

To inspire souls to repent and seek the true Kingdom of God is truly to inspire them with charity, fraternal love, peace, and unity.

Closing Summary on Methodology

Through Le Royaume’s programs, objectives, and methods, we seek to leverage the wisdom of the French Catholic experience in order to help restore the Church in the spirit of, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

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