The story behind RoyaumeFrance – A metaphor

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“Take as your guide those who follow the example we set.” (Phil 3:17)

Years ago while lost in some woods, I came across a group of beautiful, graceful, saintly souls journeying happily to a destination I could not then see (Heb 1:14).

A young lady with them called me out of the Dark Forest where I was at that time enslaved and dying in a confusion of anarchic philosophies, religious opinions, and deadly self affirmation. She took my hand, caring not that I was sick, and beckoned me into the sunlight where I met her kindred spiritual sister, a warrior.

Jehanne and Therese cloud

Together these two encouraged me to follow their troupe through the valleys, over the mountains, across the bridges (Song of Songs 2:8-10), and toward a Kingdom (Matthew 6:33; John 18:36) ruled by a God-man, Jesus Christ, Lord and  Savior of the human race. At His side was Mary, Queen of heaven and earth (Rev 12:1), His mother and therefore the Mother of God (Luke 1:43), Mediatrix of all graces (Gen 3:15; Luke 1:26-55, John 2:1-11), and our mother by adoption, too (Gal 4:4-5; Rev 12:13-17). From a distance as we came to the crest of a mountain, I could see that inside the Kingdom there was a joyful celebration (Rev 7:9-12) as huge gates opened to welcome multitudes of other, fellow travelers nearing the grand land and who were themselves accompanied by heavenly friends.

The saintly soul who called me out of the Dark Forest was St. Therese of Lisieux (Matthew 25:21). Her kindred spiritual sister, the warrior, was St. Joan of Arc. They were sent by the Queen of Heaven to beckon me out of the dark place and to lead me to her that I might rightfully know her, by Divine Order of the Son, as my sovereign Queen and Mother. Together these sisterly souls lovingly guided, protected, and cared for me on our journey (Phil 3:17; Heb 1:14). The narrow but awe inspiring pathway over which we traveled was called the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed (Heb 13:8-9a).

Alice Havers But Mary Kept All these things and pondered them in her heart

Along the way of the Dogmatic Creed, at a specific moment, all manner of evil left me and chains that had held me bound in the Dark Forest for years fell to the ground, and I was free (Mark 5:1-20; Luke 6:44). The saintly sister who cooperated with the Queen and her Son in freeing me from this bondage was St. Joan of Arc (Luke 9:1-2).

Together, my two saintly sisters and I continue to make our way along the trail with the loving, motherly care of Mary (John 19:26-27). This Kingdom we seek is the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Rev 12:1), its gateway is Calvary (Mark 8:34), and it is through that gateway into her heart that Our Lord sits in His majesty.

Our Lady of the Sign

My mission is to recount in poetry, prose, or devotional expressions our adventures and how all this came about. It is the story of the Divine Order of the saints who lead us to Mary and Mary who leads us to Jesus Christ. It is this Jesus Christ, and only Him, who can then lead us to the Father. There is no other (Heb 13:8). It is the story of my journey through the dogmas, creeds, and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is a journey that continues to unfold each day.


Are you a member of the French Catholic Diaspora?

Atavist image reign of Immaculate Heart


  1. Beautiful. I have had a brief perusal of your blog…
    Marian Consecration; devotion to the “Little Flower”; Obedience to the Magisterium; Sacraments; Adoration of Our Divine Lord; Hermeneutic of Continuity… Needless to say, you are doing a great job at promoting truth (about Truth)! God bless you!

    I am very pleased to see your devotion to “Little Therese” in particular. I am not trying to “promote” my blog (but rather the message of St. Therese and her ‘counterparts’), but it is highly influenced by St. Therese’s “little way,” and so you might like to look at it. It includes many revelations given to other “little souls”, such as Sr. Consolata Betrone, Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero, Sr. Josefa Menendez, St. Faustina etc. If you are unfamiliar with any of these individuals’ writings, I strongly recommend that you take a look! They are incredibly inspiring.

    – From one devotee of St. Therese to another.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments and support! I really appreciate it. I looked at your site. Wow. I need to spend some time there! Beautiful quotes and prayerful reflections. Keep up that great work for Our Lord’s Mercy.

      I know what you mean about promoting on a blog. I have always had very mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I have felt very compelled to write, as we are called to be witnesses to our faith and to that which brings us joy. On the other hand, most of what I write is really my own subjective experience, which at times makes me feel a little awkward. There is really no reason that anyone should consider my experiences as noteworthy. I’m not really writing about these marvelous saints themselves as I am their influence on me. Again, that sometimes feels awkward. If nothing else, I grow through the process.

      God bless you in your efforts. I will be re-visiting your beautiful site. Please stay in touch.

      May St. Thérèse and St. Joan pray for you always!

      1. You’re most welcome! I’m glad you appreciate the site. I feel very blessed to have come across many beautiful books, quotes, stories etc., so I thought, ‘Why not share them?’
        I think that sharing your experiences about the faith- in the context of authentic Catholic teaching- is great. I’m sure many people profit from and can relate to you what you write, and it seems apparent that you aren’t looking for personal gain.

        My blog benefits me in no way (although it can help me feel like I’m doing something constructive with my free time- unlike watching T.V., for example). If I encourage someone to look at it, it is purely because I want them to profit from it. I think that type of “promotion” is fine, even if some of my own perspectives are thrown in there (provided that I’m staying true to authentic theology).

        You are doing a great job; keep up the good work!

        You might appreciate the words of Our Lord to the American mystic, Rhoad Wise: “You will save many souls through your devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Little Flower.”

        God bless!

      2. Thank you! Yes, that quote is very encouraging. I hope you do not mind that I have placed your site’s link in my sidebar under the “Pleased to Share” links (under St. Philomena).

        God bless you!

  2. Thank YOU! I’m very grateful that you have done that!

    I don’t mean to be pedantic, but it is actually ‘Littlest Souls’; don’t feel the need to change it though. You can read all about the “Littlest souls” in the book ‘Jesus Appeals to the World,’ which was written by Sr. Consolata Betrone’s confessor. I think you would enjoy it!

    God bless you!

    1. No problem! Corrected! That was tricky. It was one of those situations where you read something quickly and it goes in your head a certain way. I am happy to guide people to your lovely site! Will search out that book as well!

  3. Dear Mr Martin,
    I am writing to you from Metz in France, and I would like to let you know how much I feel enthusiasmed and moved to have an American man being so fond of our little Jeanne and Thérèse, and wishing the Royaume to be back in France!
    I do not know if you have heard about it in your medias, but French Catholics are currently waking up and are leading daily non-violent demonstrations against same-sex marriage in Paris and all over France.
    On my side, I am also fighting against my diocese, as our unworthy bishop has desacrated a very old basilica in shameful conditions (what you have very well described as “The Problem” in your post “Through French Eyes: How the French Catholic experience can help us destroy the Revolution against God”).
    I will pray for you and for your beautiful project, Mr Martin! For the first time for many, many years, we feel a wind of hope in France!
    (Do you have a Twitter account?)

    1. Greetings and salutations Pascale!

      Thank you very much for your kind comments and encouragement! I am very grateful to hear that my work has touched you. Yes, I am pleasantly encouraged by the movements in France.

      The Kingdom of France with our Ste Jehanne and Ste Thérèse is so very inspirational to me. This work is my only focus. I have been told by others in France that they are very surprised that an American would be so devoted to Le Royaume de France Catholique. I consider it a great gift from the Virgin Mary and from our heavenly sisters, Ste Jehanne and Ste Thérèse.

      Please stay in touch, and may God give us all the grace to succeed in our efforts. My best to you in France. Thank you again!

      Que Dieu vous bénisse, et La Vierge Marie, Ste Jehanne et Ste Thérèse prient pour vous!

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