The Royal Line of France through St. Mary Magdalene

MM France cloud 8

Le Royaume is the spiritual inheritance of St. Mary Magdalene, whom we honor and with whom we unite ourselves in contemplative prayer through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With her brother Lazarus, she first brought the contemplative spirit of the apostolic age to what would become France. Therefore, St. Mary Magdalene is the prototype of Le Royaume’s contemplative spirit. We honor her as foundress and she through whose prayers and sacrifices the Lord and Our Lady surely blessed what was later to become the Virgin Mary’s Catholic France.

A subtle but profound relationship exists between the spiritual diaspora of the Kingdom of Catholic France and St. Mary Magdalene. As so eloquently described by Lacordaire, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bequeathed France’s future to her. It was she who brought the contemplative apostolic spirit as the seed to what would become France. France is a royal Kingdom that exists both in Heaven and on earth. Mary Magdalene, now as the spouse and bride of the King of Kings in Heaven (just as Ste. Thérèse and Ste. Jehanne d’Arc with all the Heavenly saints are spouses of Christ) blessed France with a royal inheritance.

We are that royal inheritance as the spiritual children of Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse’s Catholic France. As the spiritual diaspora of the Kingdom of Catholic France, we are, like Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse, of the royal line of St. Mary Magdalene, whose royalty was bestowed on her in grace through her repentant, dogmatic faith in Jesus Christ.