The National Shrine to St. Joan of Arc Project


Welcome to the National Shrine to St. Joan of Arc Project page!

The Shrine project is dedicated to the establishment of a National Shrine in the United States in honor of St. Joan of Arc.

Our Vision is to inspire Catholics around the globe, and especially in the United States, by the virtuous heroism of St. Joan of Arc.

Our Mission is to establish a National Shrine to St. Joan of Arc in the United States as a sacred place of pilgrimage in honor of St. Joan and for the glory of God and His Catholic Church.

There are many churches dedicate to St. Joan in the United States. However, according to, there is no National Shrine to St. Joan. Our goal is to change that.

The United States and the Catholic Church in this country are in need of St. Joan’s assistance. Her virtuous heroism in defending her country in obedience to her Heavenly Voices while remaining spotlessly true to the Catholic faith is a model for all of us during these trying times. My goal is to assist in spreading devotion to her in this country by bringing about the establishment of a St. Joan of Arc shrine according to Canon Law requirements:

(Book IV, Part III, Title I, Chapter III)


Can.  1230 By the term shrine is understood a church or other sacred place to which numerous members of the faithful make pilgrimage for a special reason of piety, with the approval of the local ordinary.

Can.  1231 For a shrine to be called a national shrine, the conference of bishops must give its approval; for it to be called an international shrine, the approval of the Holy See is required.

Can.  1232 §1. The local ordinary is competent to approve the statutes of a diocesan shrine; the conference of bishops for the statutes of a national shrine; the Holy See alone for the statutes of an international shrine. §2. The statutes are to determine especially the purpose, the authority of the rector, and the ownership and administration of goods.

Can.  1233 Certain privileges can be granted to shrines whenever local circumstances, the large number of pilgrims, and especially the good of the faithful seem to suggest it.

Can.  1234 §1. At shrines the means of salvation are to be supplied more abundantly to the faithful by the diligent proclamation of the word of God, the suitable promotion of liturgical life especially through the celebration of the Eucharist and of penance, and the cultivation of approved forms of popular piety. §2. Votive offerings of popular art and piety are to be kept on display in the shrines or nearby places and guarded securely.

At the moment, this is in the conceptual stage. It is a vision of mine which has been forming over a number of years as my own devotion to St. Joan has grown fervently. I envision a shrine that will be a source of immeasurable inspiration to Catholics in this country. I see St. Joan leading a spiritual army in our country in the same manner that she led the French Armagnac army to victory in the 15th century.

Jeanne PF2

Clearly, from the Canon Law requirements above, we desperately need a Bishop to approve our project in order to get it off the ground from a diocesan standpoint. From there, we can work with the Bishop at the Conference level to gain National status. Therefore, I ask that you  spread the news of our project far and wide in hopes of attracting the attention of someone who can help us connect with an interested Bishop or priest (who can help us connect with the Bishop). I will be working through the Chicago Archdiocese, where our family parishes.

The location of the shrine could be anywhere. My own bias toward Chicago notwithstanding, it seems appropriate to place it in a location with French historical roots, such as the Mississippi River (e.g., St. Louis) or perhaps in the northeast close to the French Québec region. Only Our Lord and Our Lady with St. Joan will know.

I hope you will join us! Here is how you can help:

  • Pray for us! (Intentions at Mass and Rosaries would be welcomed!)
  • Help us find a priest or Bishop who will sponsor us!
  • Share this site
  • “Like” us on facebook
  • Shout out and give us moral support once in a while!

I will keep you all updated through this blog and on our Facebook page.

God bless you, and may Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus with the Virgin Mary pray for you always!

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