The Life and Sacred Duty of the Royal Heart

The Royal Heart finds him or herself with the gravest and noblest of duties. That duty is the defense and propagation of an entire Kingdom. And this is not just any kingdom, but it is the Kingdom of God that has been given freely by the Father in the Holy Spirit through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. Thus, as Christ’s Kingdom is “not of this earth” but is first and foremost in the hearts of men, the Royal Heart’s ultimate work must be on persevering in Faith, Hope, and Love to the end as Our Lord has warned we must do. For, this is the glory we seek in union with Christ through His Church which is His Body, His Bride, and the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth. The defense and propagation of the Kingdom mean exactly the defense and propagation of the Church.

This is why Royal Hearts is said to be the counter-part to The Dove and Rose devotion to Saints Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux; that is, The Dove and Rose is our particular well-spring of grace granted by the authority of the most holy and glorious Queen of Heaven and earth, the Virgin Mary, as our manifestation of True and Perfect Devotion to her Immaculate Heart. Yes, there are many manifestations of grace in the Kingdom, but the Royal Heart discovers a particular affection for the saintly duo of Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux in their constant friendship, sisterly care, and patronage. This is why Royal Hearts is under the patronage of the Dove and Rose, St. Joan and St. Thérèse. We are children of the Queen according to the True and Perfect Devotion to Mary as prescribed by St. Louis de Montfort, and St. Joan and St. Thérèse are gifts from God to help us mature in her service for the glory of Christ her Son.

Thus, the driving force of our “Army” is nothing less than Love: Love for God, for the Kingdom, for Jesus Christ the King, Mary the Queen, and all the angels and saints. We defend our Kingdom with our very lives in the same manner that we defend our own temporal families. No one would leave their family unprotected against criminal elements. The more we love, the more we are willing to give our life in defense of that which we love. Contrary to the spirit of the world (which is the spirit of Anti-Christ) which tells us that there is nothing of worth for which to die, particularly not something as immaterial and “relative” as a “belief,” the Royal Heart knows that it is precisely the willingness to die for the Kingdom that gives us life. That for which one is willing to die is what gives life, not that for which one is willing to live. We are battle-ready not out of hatred for anything before us but out of love for that which is behind us (Chesterton). The world does not comprehend this particular spirit because the world does not believe and tries to intimidate others into not believing as well. The Royal Heart and the spirit of the world are irreparably at enmity one with the other. There is our need for an Army to defend.

Yet, the Royal Heart will not hide away his cherished Kingdom. The goal is not to remain in secret, hoping never to be found. Remember our Lord’s parable about the coins. The one who hid away his free gift was the one who ended up wailing and nashing his teeth. Like any joyful member of a wonderful family, the Royal Heart, while always prepared to defend, is actually most desirous of sharing! We want to share what is most treasured in our hearts! We are emanating the spirit of the Kingdom with joy, for the Kingdom’s spirit is our spirit. We propagate the Kingdom for love of Jesus Christ in His Church, the Virgin Mary who is the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church, along with our love for St. Joan and St. Thérèse, indeed, for love of all the angels and saints. The driving force is Love, and this is why we not only defend but propagate.

With this in mind, we set out to make some basic recommendations regarding the life of a Royal Heart:

(1) The Royal Heart should follow the “Life of a Knight of the Dove and Rose” which is essentially the life of any Catholic devoted to Jesus through Mary and to authentic Catholic spirituality in obedience to the Holy Father our Pope and the Bishops in union with him. What is unique to the “Life of a Dove and Rose Knight” is our heart-felt, transforming love for and devotion to our saintly sisters and patronesses, Joan and Thérèse.

(2) The Royal Heart should “seek first the Kingdom” foremost in his heart and see to it that with the grace of God through the merits of Jesus Christ the Kingdom grows “from a mustard seed” into a beautiful tree with branches fit for the birds of the air. He or she should sense St. Joan and St. Thérèse guiding him or her down the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to the center of Mary’s Immaculate Heart which is mystically the Kingdom of God where Jesus reigns in glory. Defense and propagation of the Kingdom must first be led through one’s personal life.

(3) The Royal Heart should not only be ever ready to testify to joy of heart but he or she must make that testimony the very breath by which they live. Our testimony is not what we believe; our testimony is who we are. The world should know from the Royal Heart’s speech, actions, and spirit that he or she is a Counterrevolutionary.

(4) The Royal Heart should expect to be hated and persecuted just as our Savior was hated and persecuted. The Royal Heart must carry the spirit of willing martyrdom just as our Savior did in going to His crucifixion. There is no other way than that of the Cross. The Royal Heart seeks no other way.

(5) The Royal Heart lives only to die for the Kingdom that is “not of this earth.” Thus, through Christ’s reign in the hearts of men, we seek the temporal establishment of the Father’s Will and Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven” through the form most befitting its defense and propagation, the Catholic Monarchy, while at the same time never losing sight that the temporal order will soon pass. We have no desire to establish a kingdom of this world for Jesus, for our Lord Himself has firmly instructed us that His Kingdom is not a mere earthly one. It is a heavenly Kingdom. Yet, we know that it is our sacred duty to water, nurture, and bring to sunlight the seed of the Kingdom of Heaven as she grows through space and time to her fulfillment at Christ’s Second Coming. We seek to do as He commands by praying that “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”