The 10 points of Royal Hearts

Royal Hearts 3

The 10 points of Royal Hearts

  1. True to its Vision and Mission, Royal Hearts is a consecrated, royalist spiritual army devoted primarily to the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in all hearts and through those hearts in all societies so that the Social Kingship of Christ will be recognized and honored in all lands “on earth as it is in Heaven.”
  2. Royal Hearts sees a confederate, integralist Catholic Monarchy as the most authentic temporal expression of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.
  3. Personal conversion and conviction (either to Catholicism or at a minimum to the concept of the Catholic Monarchy) comes before social change. Social and political change must come only through the free acts of converted people who bring about change through the existing constitutional framework.
  4. Royal Hearts eschews any notion of attaining its objectives by forcing change on a society outside the existing constitutional framework.
  5. Royal Hearts believes that the Will of God is the only framework in which the Will of the People can operate for the well-being of society. People can govern themselves in an edifying manner only by obeying the moral authority of the Church and of the Natural Law (in addition to the Faith, the Church also is the steward the Natural Law by the authority of Jesus Christ through whom all things were made and who is the Head of the Body, the Church).
  6. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as protecting, “with due limits” (as per the tradition of the Church), religious freedoms, free speech, and free assembly, though Catholicism necessarily would be preeminent in establishing and defending cultural norms.
  7. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the governing form most capable of resisting and defeating the existing one-world financial and secular ruling order.
  8. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy, working under Catholic distributist social and economic principles, as the form most capable of advancing free-enterprise while protecting local land and other capital from the interests of global multinational corporations.
  9. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the guarantor of life-giving culture, arts, and entertainment and the form most capable of resisting secular vulgarity and blasphemy.
  10. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the guarantor of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity and the form most capable of resisting state totalitarianism.