Royal Hearts Vision and Mission Statements


Love for the Kingdom of God, our Divine King Jesus Christ, our glorious Queen the Virgin Mary, our brothers and sisters in the Church Triumphant who are the Saints, and for our fellow sojourners on this earth is the driving force of both the defense of and evangelization for the Catholic Church and Catholic culture, which are the seeds of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Traditional Western Civilization, being the product of the Catholic Church, and including the United States of America, is in the 21st century a politically and culturally occupied land, our freedoms and cultures having been usurped, notably in the “Sixties” Revolution, by the same anti-God Revolution that overtook France in the bloody, atheistic 18th century French Revolution and Russia in the bloody, atheistic 20th century Bolshevik Revolution.

The Divinely founded, institutional Catholic Church, including those baptized brothers and sisters outside her walls who nevertheless share her mission, is civilization’s only hope of sallying an effective Counterrevolution to restore an authentic and truly free society that will also liberate mankind’s soul from the tyranny of evil.

The nations of Western Europe, particularly France, must restore their traditional Catholic Monarchies, and the United States of America must herself establish an official Catholic Monarchy whereby the Church acts as the essential moral arm of the state.

Until such authentic governance and free cultures are established as truly progressive societal norms to counter the regressive and intrinsically evil social and political structures of the modern, atheistic, secular Republican state, a firm movement of organized resistance on behalf of Jesus Christ in His most holy Catholic Church and of our most worthy and glorious Queen, the Virgin Mary, must be established to disrupt the tactics of the Church’s ancient enemy such that the anti-God forces of darkness are ultimately sent back to Hell from where they came, and those under their influence, who now consider themselves our enemy, are therefore liberated in body and soul as our brothers and sisters in Christ to freely enter into the Kingdom of God.

With these propositions in mind Royal Hearts holds the following Vision and Mission:


“The reign of the Social Kingship of Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary which restores and newly energizes a spirit of Christendom and Catholic culture in America and the West and which establishes a truly progressive, free, and sanctified society.”


“The mission of Royal Hearts is to affect a contemplative spiritual renewal with the counterrevolutionary spirit of the Kingdom of Catholic France in our hearts, and through our spiritually renewed “Royal Hearts,” institute the Social Kingship of Christ through the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the establishment of integralist Catholic Monarchies in the West.

In fulfilling our mission, Royal Hearts seeks the patronage and motherly care of Queen St. Clotilda along with the co-patronage, friendship, and sisterly care of Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus to aid us in persevering in sanctifying grace and in our devotion to Mary and to imbue us in the Traditional French Catholic experience as a guide to the integral Catholic Monarchy.

With Traditional French Catholicism as a guide, we seek a contemplative counterrevolutionary Catholic worldview which will consequentially influence through us the restoration of Christendom in social, cultural, and political affairs.

Royal Hearts seeks peaceful change in the temporal realm through the free acts of converted people living a life of sanctifying grace.”