Royal Hearts Political and Cultural Goals


Our political goal is the establishment of a Divine Right Catholic Monarchy in the United States which is the spiritual sister to a restored French Monarchy, who alone reigns for all of the world as the “Eldest Daughter of the Church.”

The American Monarchy would be tied through blood to French nobility and would therefore receive an abundance of God’s graces through the latter’s divine predestination as protector and propagator of the Holy Catholic Church.

Together, the American and French Monarchies would restore Catholic civilization while still allowing for freedom of religion, speech, and association (“with due limits” in a hermeneutic of continuity with Sacred Tradition). The Monarchies would stand together as a powerful Counterrevolutionary buttress against the prevailing anarchic, revolutionary storms of modernism and secular humanism. The Monarchies would restore the practical experience of private ownership of property, a renewed spirit of entrepreneurialism and free -enterprise, and lively local and state democratic self-determination framed in the Natural Law.