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It is a strong conviction embedded in that Heaven had other plans for America than a secular Republic founded on post-Protestant Revolutionary “Enlightenment” principles with “Separation of Church and State” as a cornerstone. These principles: Protestantism, Enlightenment, and Separation, are not Catholic, and as Christ cannot contradict Himself, they cannot be accepted by truly Christian people trying to bring the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” through a society governed by Christ the King.

The Americas were first and foremost Catholic and Royal during the initial European colonization. Our first Monarchs were the Catholic Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand; though, the mass of the Spanish American colonization effort developed after their deaths. The French in the north were Catholic and Royal. Even the first English commissioned explorer, John Cabot (Italian himself but sailing for Henry VII of England), arrived prior to Protestant England. The first English appearance in the New World was Catholic and Royal. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared shortly after Cortez gained control of modern day Mexico and Central America which led quickly to the conversion of millions, even as a roughly equivalent number were falling into apostasy through Protestantism in Europe. This hemisphere was on its way to being a true expansion of Christendom, but, just as Satanic forces disrupted Christian influence in Europe, so would they in the new world.

For over two hundred years the Catholic and Royal Spanish (and Portuguese in Brazil) established New Christendom in the southern hemisphere, Central America and the western half of modern day America. The Catholic and Royal French established New Christendom in the northern realms of the Americas, i.e. modern day Canada and the northeast and central United States. However, the Protestant revolt in  Europe against Christ’s Church, and especially the English Anglican rebellion, would bring catastrophic consequences to Heaven’s expansion of Christendom to the New World and would establish what would become a different religion, Americanism, with a corrupt doctrine founded on the Protestant heresies mentioned above, to replace that of Jesus Christ. The United States, though having truly Christian Catholic and Royal DNA, nevertheless would  suffer the fate of being established and raised under this new religion.The Protestant English, Dutch, Swedes, and Finns would conquer the new realm and subject Catholicism to severe persecution including slavery (the Irish slaves), imprisonment and even death for evangelical efforts to bring souls to Christ through His only authoritative Church on earth, the Catholic Church. Catholicism was outlawed or only to be practiced in private, and even then with forced attendance at Anglican services to demonstrate loyalty to the persecuting authorities.

“Solange Hertz, perhaps the first Catholic writer to rigorously apply Catholic principles to American history, reached an uncomfortable conclusion:

‘U.S. History shows how all Catholic government, whether English, French, or Spanish, was gradually crowded out, on a continent liberally watered by the blood of martyrs from all parts of Europe who first planted the Cross of Christ there and who sought no other end than consolidating His peaceful possession’ (The Star-Spangled Heresy, p. 171).

This is not a pleasing summary. But it is this author’s belief that a candid examination of the facts of U.S. history will bear Mrs. Hertz’s contention out. For America is not as yet really a nation. It is in fact a religion—Americanism, described thusly by Dr. John Rao:

‘Americanism’ is a religion in which both major elements of the American ‘soul’—secularized Puritanism and Anglo-Saxon conservatism—have helped to develop. ‘Americanism’ is a religion that adores the United States as the incarnation of the secularized Puritan vision of paradise. It is a religion that simultaneously adores the bland, materialistic, catch-all unity that stems from the Anglo-Saxon drive for stability and integration. ‘Americanism’ is an evangelical religion that wishes the rest of the world to be converted to its doctrines (Americanism, p. 3).

As a revealed religion Catholicism must claim a monopoly of truth; she cannot be tolerant of error, of false religions. Americanism, being a rival faith, must inevitably be an opponent of Catholicism.’ “

(From Puritan’s Empire by Charles A. Coulombe – Kindle Version)

Puritanism, the worst of all the European Protestant heresies (Coulombe, Puritan’s Empire), would bring the most humiliating scourge to the Catholic Body of Christ in New Christendom. They would conquer in the name of Protestant England and, with their motherland Anglican enemy (yet still an ally against The Church), Protestantism with all of its derivative demons: the Enlightenment, Freemasonry, “Separation of Church and State” (which is nothing more than “Separation from Catholic Influence in Society”), materialism, wealth and health as a virtue, etc… would drive out Christ as King from what would become the United States and Canada.

The aim of is to restore the influence of Catholic and Royal Christendom in America and to make America once again Catholic and Royal. RoyaumeFrance seeks the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” here in America and in Europe through the establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in America and the restoration of the European Catholic Monarchs. Our specific inspiration is the pedagogical influence of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Catholic and Royal France, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, through the co-patronage and combined spirituality of Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus.


RoyaumeFrance’s mission, congruent with the mission of the early colonists, is about saving souls for Jesus Christ under the motherly care of the Blessed Virgin Mary and through the Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of Mary which creates an edifying society that would, in peace, foster the spiritual development of its inhabitants.

Le Royaume’s mission is to inspire souls through Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to seek the application of the subjective fruits of Christ’s Redemption in sanctifying grace by a repentant, dogmatic confession of Catholic faith and to develop a spiritual Vision that will open their hearts to efficacious actual graces that will aid them in growing and persevering in that sanctifying grace and in developing a Catholic worldview in social, cultural, and political affairs.

Le Royaume primarily fulfills her mission by inspiring souls to engage in a contemplative Eucharistic journey in total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and through the holy, beautiful combined spirituality of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Through the influence of the primary means, Le Royaume fulfills her mission secondarily by evangelically advocating God’s love through the beautiful spiritual pedagogy of Traditional French Catholicism and devotion to the Renaissance of Catholic France.

In short, “To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse!”

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