Little Flowers and Fiery Towers (Poetry)


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Little Flowers and Fiery Towers

Little Flowers is my third book and is made up of poetry and poetic prose. All the while  writing Journey and March of Hope, I found myself developing poetic expressions representing the key themes from those books. Spiritual unity amidst individual variety; beautiful landscapes of individual flowers, trees, rivers, and mountains, consecrated and ordained through the Divine Order as the panorama making up the Kingdom of God, were themes that simply demanded poetic expression.

A trail is magical, lively, and fun
It is childlike the way it hides from some
The mystery of endings strange unknown
It helps if you’re not traveling alone
Through woods, by ponds, or hidden fox’s lair
The scheme of these by which I do not care
Yet never have the end your only goal
Relax and slowly go in warmth or snow
A trail, you see, is God’s own mystery
The point of which we learn by journeying

I found myself grasping ever more tightly the hands of my Heavenly helpers, as I realized that God and the Kingdom were all about expressing this unity and Divine order through harmonious and loving relationships.

Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Thérèse
Are gifts from God through Mary’s hands
I did not know the great extent
Nor just what Jesus really meant
When first Our Lady He bestowed
A love for her in me that flowed
Until I could not hold inside
The movements of this graceful tide
To love her so, I asked Him please
For pureness and humility
In me those things do not exist
Most sins I never could resist
So, Jesus sent as Mary said
Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Thérèse
To offer me in charity
A little of their own, you see
How could our mighty Lord now frown?
When Mary shows Him my new crowns
Shared by these saints who love me so
Who pulled them from their treasure trove
The best of all these graces be
To live in spiritual poverty
Though empty in myself I know
I walk with sweet and holy souls
As Jesus lifts them high, so grand
I reach to tightly hold their hands

Even more, I found the Blessed Virgin Mary’s mystical Kingdom of Catholic France flowering more magnificently in my heart.

Mystical France, she lifts my heart
Her spirit holds me by the hands
Of saintly sisters honored, who
Attend and guide me to their land

Mystical France, the Kingdom of
Our Lord and Queen who reign above
And here is where by Joan of Arc
Heaven kissed earth through fire and love

Here too, is where, since La Pucelle
Through Holy Spirit joyful, blessed
With earth enriched, now sweetly fresh
He cultivated Saint Thérèse

Mystical France, I love your saints
They hold us both, to us impart
Kinship and joy that renders you
The sanctuary of my heart

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