Gestalten Devotion to St. Mary Magdalene

As the Holy Expression and Gestalt of Magdalene France, St. Mary Magdalene with the House of New Bethany is the embodiment of France in the center of Immaculate Heart of Mary. Royaume France is imbued in the monochromatic colors of the combined hearts of St. Joan and St. Thérèse. The glory of God shines through the supernatural phenomenology of Mary Magdalene’s House of New Bethany, filling it with purity, wisdom, and knowledge.

St. Thérèse is our inspiration in the “Gestalten” devotion to Mary Magdalene. Thérèse discovered what she called, “a new way,” a “little way.” This way was “new” but not novel. Thérèse discovered a “science” to our faith that had been always at the core of our teachings. However, she discovered the lines of insight. She brought a meaningful model out of the confusion of possibilities in a manner that made it demonstrable and repeatable for all of us. Discovery does not mean novelty. Discovery means bringing up from the depths of our faith a demonstrable meaning modeled along a line of insight.

When united with St. Mary Magdalene in our hearts, she becomes the foreground bathed in the glory of God’s love. She is arrayed in all of the possibilities of our life across our internal horizon. In the brightness of the glory of the crucified Jesus with his Holy Mother Mary, these possibilities fade from view behind the Magdalene’s figure.  They now are hidden for God alone to transfigure. We focus only on love. Behind that bright light, we leave it to Our Lord Jesus Christ to transfigure our lives out of the confusion of these possibilities according to his meaning, and he ordains Mary Magdalene as the proximate expression of the Holy Spirit’s meaning through a line of insight. She is our royal Foundress under the universal Queenship of Mary. We fulfill our True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin through Mary Magdalene’s House of New Bethany.

As our Gestalten and she who is ordained by Jesus Christ for this purpose, St. Mary Magdalene transfigures the now hidden possibilities of expression in our lives through a union of hearts. This is the principle of abandonment to Divine Providence in imitation of the Magdalen’s abandonment to Our Lord in the grotto of Provence in what we know today as France.