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Joan of Arc was perhaps the most wonderful person who ever lived in the world.

~ Andrew Lang

The meaning of the meanings

“Will you follow where I lead?” Joan of Arc by Mark Twain The Divine Glance is constituted by both subjectivity and objectivity. This seed of subjective-objective chaos must be actualized through an ordering. This is not to say through order as in a final state but through ordering as a phenomenological process. Each step toward… Continue reading The meaning of the meanings

Meaning and Purpose

In a single moment, a “divine glance,” one day in October of 2008, Our Lord and Our Lady imbued my soul with a preeminent and life-long devotion to St. Joan of Arc. It was a thunderous instance of meaning that struck like a lightning bolt and with the same intensity that Joan displayed in her… Continue reading Meaning and Purpose

St. Thérèse and Martin Heidegger

St. Thérèse unknowingly mastered phenomenology, which is the reason her simple childlike way is so compelling. She approaches us from the standpoint of experience and interpretive hermeneutics rather than academic deduction. The dry path of knowledge through rigorous analysis of medieval metaphysics, while necessary, does not readily connect with our lived experience. It confirms us… Continue reading St. Thérèse and Martin Heidegger


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