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Joan of Arc was perhaps the most wonderful person who ever lived in the world.

~ Andrew Lang

Saints of God are always Present

Joan of Arc, her pyre burns brightly Angels chanting, praying, sighing Martyred, crowned with fire by Jesus “Jesus, Jesus” burning, crying   Does her banner fly in heaven? Can her spirit raise and leaven? Is her friendship gone forever? Saints of God are always present.   Little Flower leads us destined Rich in colors, ever… Continue reading Saints of God are always Present

Andrew Lang’s Joan of Arc

I highly recommend this relatively short, free, online book by the late Scottish poet and author Andrew Lang. It reminds me of Mark Twain’s book on Joan of Arc and of the reason I think so highly of these works by two men who never could be mistaken for holding orthodox Christian views. The brilliance… Continue reading Andrew Lang’s Joan of Arc

The Christmas Present

While walking through the snow and ice To church in bitter cold that night The pain that tore my soul apart Had lodged itself inside my heart This heart gives thanks in joy to one A saint I met when I was young Despite this great enduring grace A troubled look had skewed my face… Continue reading The Christmas Present


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