Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc’s last hours before execution

Here is another of my videos. This one with over 1200 views. If I could explain what we see here, I would. No one can; though, thousands have tried. The answers range from the superficial to the deeply thoughtful, but all remain insufficient. I recall the number of books written on Joan as being upwards of twenty-thousand, but who knows.

Joan of Arc became what I call in my model, a “point of inquiry.” It happened in one second in 2008. It was a flash of fascination. I have spent the past thirteen years in a journey of discovery. It led me to develop my own model of thinking, which over time integrated Edith Stein’s philosophy and eventually became consumed by it.

Every door that opens simply leads to another; there seems to be no end point. I have grown immensely through the process. I do not know what kind of man I am, but I do know that I am a far better man than I ever was before my inquiry. My energy in the pursuit is like nuclear fusion. It has not dissipated from its beginnings.

I am approaching a point of speechlessness. I only wait for the moment when I say, “I am not done, nor can I ever be, but I can go no further.”

When that happens you’ll know. But until then…

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