Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc’s execution and canonization

I was refreshing my YouTube page and thought I would post some of my more popular videos. This one has over 23k views. The last part shows actual photos of Joan’s canonization in Rome. It took a while to get her canonized despite the universal recognition of her sanctity. The English were not keen on the idea for quite some time, as you can imagine. Finally, after almost 500 years, they agreed not to protest.

In my model I refer to the phenomenon of Joan of Arc as a “point of inquiry.” Husserl refers to an “object” in his phenomenology. I am satisfied for now with my term. A “point of inquiry” (or “object” in Husserlian terms) is that toward which we turn with intentionality. That’s an important term. Intentionality does not mean “we intend to do something,” nor does it mean we will create our own understanding of it (that would be “causal” rather than intentional). We look at it for the purpose of understanding what it is “giving” to us, leading to the geeky term “giveness.” As a point of inquiry, we investigate Joan’s giveness.

My point in creating videos on Joan of Arc has been to offer the world an opportunity to experience Joan as I did, as a “point of inquiry.” From there you will receive Joan’s giveness as a multi-faceted enigma.

There will be no fully comprehensive and understandable explanation for her life until the day of Final Judgment when all will be known.

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