Little Flowers and Fiery Towers

The Fire of Joan of Arc (Light out of Dark)

I was wondering one day
why Joan of Arc’s end so
cruelly stark, formed with
her fire, a light out of dark

She did everything asked of
her, she did nothing wrong,
that is my opinion of her life
and its song

She freed her countrymen
and king, she was an
astounding figure of history

Brave and faithful, selfless
and kind, she was in every
way true to her calling divine

Yet, dear Joan met only
thanklessness and betrayal,
she died amongst hatred,

And I wondered why that day…

I ponder these things when I
don’t have much to do, as
was the case that day sitting
before Mary’s statue

Why Mother Mary? What is
the meaning, of dear Joan of
Arc’s life and the fire at its ending?

A scene opened before me,
the devil himself was
prosecuting before my last
judgment day jury

I watched with obvious
interest, my lips pursed in
fear, the devil was laughing
and making his point clear

He roared to the jury that my
judgment would be, the one
time he

Would not have to lie, cheat
or steal, for there would be
nothing he really needed to tell

For my deeds alone
condemn me from the roof,
he smiled, yes, this is one
time even he could tell the truth

Do you see my dilemma, the
thing I suddenly knew, Joan
like the Savior died unjustly, I
only gave the devil his due

I knew my question had
been poorly framed, I was
seeking to know why only to
point blame

The real question was when…

When would I be brave
enough to bear, suffering in
union with those I hold dear?

The real question thought
through, is could I die that
way too?

I saw in the emptiness of my
life’s selfish whims, that Joan
followed Him asking not why
but when

When would she reach the
end of her dream, and die
faithfully, out of love, for our
King and our Queen!

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