Little Flowers and Fiery Towers

The Christmas Present

While walking through the snow and ice
To church in bitter cold that night
The pain that tore my soul apart
Had lodged itself inside my heart

This heart gives thanks in joy to one
A saint I met when I was young
Despite this great enduring grace
A troubled look had skewed my face

I brushed my coat and shook my hat
And walking in I stomped the mat
With tears before Our Lord I mused
And asked if what I thought was true

I made my way back home again
And smiled at Christmas lights through panes
My tree was lit, though poorly strung
But Christmas Eve still shone God’s love

A sparkle caught my eye by chance
I saw a gift that seemed to dance
Pray tell? This was not here before
I reached to lift it from the floor

So small and light, what could it be?
The card blew open magically
A note inside filled me with glee
That saint, Thérèse, wrote it for me

While smiling wide I fell alarmed
A loving hand was on my arm
The Lord was standing by my hips
And held a finger to His lips

He took the gift and pulled its bow
And slowly opened it to show
A calendar to my surprise
From twenty years ago plus five

A date was marked in colors bold
With writing on that sheet so old
“Oh Yes! Dear brother, don’t you see?”
“I came to you, not you to me!”

That date, I looked a little more
October one of eighty-four
The day my life was saved, it said
It was the Feast of Saint Thérèse

The Lord then covered it back up
My heart’s sharp sword no longer stuck
Our Lord that day had heard my plea
And showed that heaven first loved me

He gently laid the present down
Then He and I walked through the town
And out through fields and forests bare
To breathe the cold and fresh night air

My heart now healed, I danced some more
While singing “Happy Birthday Lord”
He laughed and said with twinkling eyes
“Remember tomorrow to act surprised!”

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