The French Catholic Diaspora

Légitimité as the true defense from the Left

The Right cannot overcome the liberal Left. By virtue of its metaphysics, the Right will always drift under fire toward the Left. Whereas the metaphysics guiding the Left (and drawing the Right to it) are wrong, those of the Right simply are vacuous.  Thus, the Right is defenseless in the face of an onslaught from the Left. Ever so gradually, the Right will submit to the Left. We witness this phenomenon from the French Revolution through the progressive steamroller of the modern era. Each generation is more revolutionarily progressive than the previous. What is conservative today was radical only a generation ago. In the metaphysics of the Right, one has nothing firm on to which to hold.

The vacuousness of the Right, though they fancy themselves “conservative,” is manifest through their premise of a mythical, nonexistent creature called The People. This People has a “will,” and that “will of the People” is the arbitrator of the true, beautiful, and good. Whatever the will of the People decides is the most perfect. Interestingly, this “People,” a preferred arbitrator of good and evil over that of natural law and divine revelation, is manifest through the collective wills of sinful individuals. Through some form of metaphysical alchemy, the collective wills of the sinful amalgamate to create a “People” whose will is always “good.” The “People” is the pied piper leading society. Natural Law and divine revelation are secondary, if not ignored. The Right calls this living in a “free” society. Their freedom constitutes freedom from the will of God, as understood through natural law and divine revelation, in favor of the will of this mythical People.   

The result is a metaphysics of the Right which is made up of logical and moral inconsistencies resulting in a non-existent being before whom all must yield. Here is their weakness- control the myth, and you control the Right. 

While taking rhetorical advantage of the Right’s belief in the myth, the Left rightfully and purposefully disregards it in praxis. After subduing the Right by coopting the terminology of the myth (i.e., that they represent “the will of the People”), they dictate a false metaphysics of becoming over being. The substance of being (Plato, and Aristotle), upon which natural law and divine revelation rests, gives way to the preeminence of becoming (Hegelian dialectical and its modern process offspring), which disregards the unchanging substance of natural law and divine revelation by virtue of its own metaphysics.  For the Left there is no substance, as Aristotle proposed, beyond the world of experience and toward which we come “to be” as Plato proposed; there is only the reality of evolving experience, of becoming, as Hegel and his offspring (Marx, Nietzsche, and many moderns) propose. Dogmatic religion and tradition are the foundation of the former, endless progressivism that of the latter.

To counter the Left effectively, we must confront their revolutionary metaphysics of becoming, not with a vacuous, equally liberal libertarianism, but with a metaphysics of being, inclusive of dogmatic religion and tradition. The “becoming” of Hegel must be subordinated to the “being” of Plato, Aristotle, Scholasticism, and, in the modern era, the Phenomenology of Edith Stein. The Hegelian, process-oriented progressivism of the Left must be reversed, not through the amorphous mythological ideology of the “will of the People,” but through the firm, unchanging ideology of the “will of God.”

Right versus Left is a false dichotomy. Both are liberal, the Right being an empty libertarianism, the Left being a liberalism of false process. The true battle is, and always has been, immutable Truth versus amorphous, deceptive Falsehood.

Légitimité is the political philosophy of Truth; it is apolitical in that it is neither Left nor Right; nevertheless, Légitimité, and the Monarchical political philosophy naturally accompanying it, represents a new axis around which we must engage the revolutionary Left. Our metaphysical model is not mythical. It is Truth. We do not drift under the tyranny of the false process. We have been lasting through the ages.

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