The French Catholic Diaspora

Légitimité and the Royal Heart

My Royal Heart developed over the years in the shadow of the Légitimiste movement in France. Légitimité had a significant influence on me; though, my work for the Kingdom of France “on earth as it is in Heaven” through the Immaculate Heart of Mary developed independently. I believe that the resulting informal, synchronous relationship I had with the official French movement is not coincidental but a reflection of Jeanne d’Arc’s unifying celestial influence. Through Jeanne I began a process of merging the two into one cohesive system I called the Royal Hearts.

Royal Hearts reflected the building blocks of an integrated model designed to bring the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” through the Catholic Monarchy. Independently of outside influences, I came to the conclusion that Légitimité is the most authentic expression of Catholic and Royal France and the truest pedagogy on political philosophy represented by her.

Reading Abbé George de Nantes’ 150 Points of the Phalange confirmed my intuition. From there, I naturally gravitated with more deliberation to the Légitimiste movement. Even more specifically, I began shadowing the Union des Cercles Légitimistes de France (UCLF). Clearly, we had much in common, that is, a shared spirituality and philosophical ultra-realism surrounding the Form of Catholic and Royal France in the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and as manifested by Jeanne d’Arc.

Légitimité is exclusive with regard to not tolerating falsehood, yet inclusive with regard to all with a heart of goodwill. Reflecting on the UCLF’s three degrees of Légitimité, we note that all may be Légitimists, at least to the first degree. All religiously-minded may be Légitimists to the second degree, and Christians in particular to the third degree. Légitimité is Truth, and all desiring a society grounded in Truth will find refuge in the praxis of the philosophy.

A nation ruled by Légitimité has true, legitimate authority that creates a unified but free environment for its inhabitants to flourish in mind, body, and soul.

Légitimité is what many on the American so-called “Right” believe in praxis through a sort of reactionary or even paleo-conservatism, only they rely on the false premises of classical “Enlightenment” Liberalism for their philosophical foundation. On the other hand, Légitimité is what virtually all on the American Left despise. They inherently recognize it as their primordial archenemy, even if they are unable to define it.

This is the basis of a society ruled by the Catholic Monarchy. Federated democracy and self-determination at the local level, while the Monarch, subject him/herself to the same Natural Law, protects the freedom of those localities from any encroachment by more powerful, illegitimate forces.

The Catholic Monarchy is the protector of the Légitimist society, of freedom grounded in Truth, and of the principle of local and familial subsidiarity.

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