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Royaume France

Royaume France, as a personal Marian, Magdalenian, Jehannian, Thérèsian devotion, confronts the ruling secular Hegelian zeitgeist at its roots. Our union of hearts through contemplation with St. Mary Magdalene at the foot of the Cross and on the shores of Provence, opens the gates of the eternal, unchanging heavens. We stand obtusely to the world, the City of Man, and its ever-changing fascination with the novelties of the spirit of each age. Our Lady’s Catholic and Royal France, instituted on earth by Mary Magdalene on the shores of what we know today as France, points to an eternal form in the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.

Most people are ushered into this world assuming that the existing disorder of things is the most enlightened. Few question the very foundations of the existing spirit of the world. They try to make their Faith fit, to help them maximize their effectiveness and success in that world. Rarely do they wonder about the very purpose of that success and just why they feel so compelled to be so in that world. Rarely do they challenge that world itself.

Royaume France strikes at the roots of the Hegelian dilemma. It forces us to engage in a dialectic with Our Lord, rather than in the Hegelian sense, who challenges us to climb the Calvary of our own self-confrontation with its necessary resulting personal crisis. Through the heart of Our Lady, we are transformed in sanctifying grace through that crisis. Through St. Joan we come see the grand panorama of the Kingdom with a new point of view, through St. Thérèse we are ushered into that Kingdom of charity whose substance is the divine order of things.

2 thoughts on “Royaume France”

  1. A very clear exposition of the contrasting philosophies, and what it means to be a citizen of Royaume France. Thank you for your wonderful posts and your books! You are a great blessing to all who read you.

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