The Science of RoyaumeFrance

The Science of RoyaumeFrance – the Heart of St. Joan of Arc

Edith Stein Knowledge and Faith
The following is inspired by St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) in her book Knowledge and Faith

Regarding the topic previously discussed of the possibility of knowing with a temporal mind in a step-by-step fashion that which is timeless, St. Teresa Benedicta points out the necessity that the timeless have some type of relationship with the temporal. There is no way that a finite mind can know the timeless immediately, without this relationship (p.69). There are two ways that this relationship can occur, i.e., through an analogous representation or through an effect the timeless has on the temporal.

RoyaumeFrance is both in the sense that the temporal Kingdom of Catholic and Royal France represents not an end of itself but an analogous type of the timeless Kingdom of God and therefore gives a representation to our senses by which we are able to perceive the timeless. Secondly, RoyaumeFrance also is founded through an event, specifically, the event of St. Joan of Arc and her mission to free France for the King of Heaven Who her voices informed her was the true King of France. St. Joan demonstrates to us a true relationship between Heaven and earth through the significant event of her life and mission. Jesus Christ is the true King of France while the earthly King is His steward and lieutenant. Here we have the key to our most important need for the heart of St. Joan of Arc. It is through her heart that the timeless was transferred to the temporal. Joan’s heart became the phenomenological, as opposed to the sacramental, gateway between Heaven and earth by the Divine Will.

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Through Joan’s mission on earth, we have an effect of significant meaning. Through Joan’s prophetic voice, we have an analogous Intellectual Viewing (Stein, p.66) relating the temporal Kingdom of France to the timeless, thus allowing us to know the timeless that otherwise we would not know. Joan’s phenomenology becomes our own. The structure of objects in the temporal flow of her mental life (Stein, p.68) becomes visible to us through the symbolic theology of her words, actions, and images, for example, the images she chose for her military standard. We come to know God through Joan, the timeless through the temporal. Her mission is “divine” though temporal, as we might define through the Dionysian theology of symbolism.

Through the heart of St. Joan of Arc, and through no other, we have RoyaumeFrance, a relationship of the eternal with the temporal. Her special calling was to be the relationship’s effect, as well as the prophet who manifests for us the necessary analogous relationship that we might relate to the timeless Kingdom of God. This science is a phenomenologically subjective transference of an objective reality to us in our own subjective mental structures. Objective reality, the Kingdom of God, becomes subjectively real to us through St. Joan of Arc’s phenomenology. Here we have the essential nature of our need to unite ourselves to Jesus and Our Lady the Virgin Mary through the heart of St. Joan of Arc. It is to this heart that Jesus Christ gave this mission.

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