Talking Points - Journey to Christendom

Talking Points – Journey to Christendom – Chapter 2

Journey to Christendom

Talking Points are the highlights and notes from my Kindle which identify key themes drawn from the text. The highlighted words are followed by reflections.

Chapter 2

Yellow highlight | Location: 392

My confidence to confront those who, no matter how learned, disagree with me comes from my desire to obey,

Note: The desire to obey is the essence of goodwill.

Yellow highlight | Location: 397

You might ask how dogma and universal love can coexist.

Note: Obedience to dogma is sanctifying grace acting on goodwill. Sanctifying grace is the love of God. The dogma of the Catholic Church reveals and leads us to the love of God through this sanctifying grace.

Yellow highlight | Location: 401

It may seem paradoxical, but objective, dogmatic truth and universal love are wholly compatible and even necessary complements to each other because both originate from the one triune God.

Note: Because sanctifying grace, the love of God, leads us to obedience to dogma.

Yellow highlight | Location: 405

This very same paradox led the Lord to say that we should love our enemy, while also telling us that he has come not to bring peace but a sword.

Note: Again, sanctifying grace is obedience to dogma.

Yellow highlight | Location: 407

The key to this paradox is the following: Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Yellow highlight | Location: 415

Jesus, Mary, and the saints are real. Dogma and love are about the real, physical resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus Christ proves that he is dogmatic truth, while his love for the world resolves the paradox of dogma and love.

Note: Those of goodwill accept this on face value through faith. It is impossible to please God without faith.

Yellow highlight | Location: 419

We must be uncompromising in our beliefs while also indefatigable in our willingness to sacrifice lovingly for others.

Note: This is how sanctifying grace obedient to dogma manifests itself.

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Yellow highlight | Location: 429

Of course, Jesus loves the English as much as he loves the French. He loves all people of all nations, but how often do we not realize that Jesus is alive and has a will of his own for us as individuals, families, communities, and nations, just as he had a will for France during Joan of Arc’s time.

Note: Joan of Arc is a manifestation of sanctifying grace, of dogmatic love.

Yellow highlight | Location: 437

The fault lies with our rebellious self-willfulness against God, which leads us to resist his charity as an addict resists the help of a loving family.

Note: Our lack of goodwill is the problem.

Yellow highlight | Location: 441

This, of course, implies that the truly living, resurrected Christ through his Catholic Church knows more about what is good for us than we do ourselves and is, therefore, everyone’s moral authority.

Note: More goodwill acting in faith.

Yellow highlight | Location: 443

That last sentence can enrage the prideful modern mind filled with philosophies of self-affirmation and self-determination.

Note: That is, hearts lacking goodwill.

Yellow highlight | Location: 445

The modern mind howls at the notion that Christ is the legitimate and authentic moral authority over all people, even over those who do not believe. Yet, how could it be logically any different unless Jesus, the Founder of the Catholic Church, is resurrected to some lands but not others, or is resurrected to the person in one house but not his neighbor, this being disconnected reasoning.

Note: The basis for the Social Kingship of Christ.

Yellow highlight | Location: 447

The Crusaders, God bless them, did not fall for this illogical, relativistic assertion that Christ is God for some but not for others. They defended Christendom with dogmatic fervor and helped spread her influence. To deny dogmatic Catholic truth is to deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a rational disconnect that too many Catholics willingly accept.

Note: The Social Kingship of Christ is grounded in objective, dogmatic love.

Yellow highlight | Location: 454

The resurrected Christ is the one transmitted to us for over two thousand years through the apostolic succession of his Church. He is alive, and he teaches through the Catholic Church.

Note: Their is none other than the Catholic Church where we find the authentic paradigms for our lives.

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Yellow highlight | Location: 460

It is a personal loving relationship with the real person of Christ, the author of Catholic dogma, that unravels the mystery of warriors who can wield swords in Christ’s name.

Note: Sanctifying grace is obedience to dogma in faith grounded in love.

Yellow highlight | Location: 462

In order to love the real person of Christ, we must first believe with reason that we have a reason to believe in the resurrected Christ of Catholic Dogma,

Note: Platonic realism, “I believe so that I may understand.”

Yellow highlight | Location: 471

None of the material evidence favoring the claims of Jesus Christ are relevant to them. They cannot be relevant, simply because this religion is not supposed to be true and would be a wild pestilence to atheists and self-seeking secularists if it were.

Note: Those not of goodwill seek what pleases them. This is why they pay no attention to truth.

Yellow highlight | Location: 474

Likewise, they reject the historically proven ability of Catholicism to create a positive world order with a vibrant, life-giving spirituality in exchange for some wild and dangerous experiment with radical individualism that seems to glory in calling vulgarity progress. Why do the media channels continue to sink us ever more deeply into the sickness of vulgar language, violence, and sensuality? The secularists suppose that this is what “progressive” people do.

Note: Those not of goodwill are as a result skewed in their view of society.

Yellow highlight | Location: 482

It is not Faith versus Science here; it is Faith versus Skepticism.

Note: Platonic ultra-realism vs Aristotelian moderate realism

Yellow highlight | Location: 491

Why does the skeptic ignore these testimonies and keep his mind closed to what those first-hand accounts might prove?

Note: Those not of goodwill seek not the truth but what pleases them.

Yellow highlight | Location: 519

we are dogmatic because we love him who is objective truth, not because we hate those who oppose us.

Note: Again, true belief demands heroism.

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