Talking Points - Journey to Christendom

Talking Points – Journey to Christendom – Chapter 1

Journey to Christendom

Talking Points are the highlights and notes from my Kindle which identify key themes drawn from the text. The highlighted words are followed by reflections.

Chapter 1

Yellow highlight | Location: 296

All of my adult years I lacked the courage to write a book about the God inspired purpose of my life, its whole meaning and driving force, as well as the relevance it might have to others.

Note: We know our purpose, who we really are, only in the context of the Kingdom.

Yellow highlight | Location: 300

The prevailing spirit of the modern world is often arrogant and dogmatic about its own philosophies, which demand that we allow anyone to do anything by which they feel “affirmed.” This affirmation typically results in sliding down a continuum toward deadly anarchy; yet, this same spirit seems to demand that religious people remain in their place and be quite politely relativistic when it comes to religious belief.

Note: The point and objective of the rude spirit of the world precisely is to keep us from understanding ourselves in the context of the Kingdom.

Yellow highlight | Location: 308

I will tell you how I did cross the spirit of the world and came to know that the modern world is wrong and that the ancient Catholic Religion is right and how acting on this understanding resurrected me in spirit, mind, and body.

Note: Approaching the Kingdom requires new premises, a new world view.

Yellow highlight | Location: 311

I feel compelled to tell you first what this is about, my purpose in writing it, why I am writing it now, and what were the recent circumstances that led to my inspiration. If I do that, it might help you better understand the full story of my conversion and possibly reap more benefit from it.


Our testimony has one objective: charity, which is loving God and our neighbor as ourself.

Jeanne and Therese 980 wide

Yellow highlight | Location: 317

this is a testimony about an objective, universal authority outside and above all of us,

Note: It is easy to share our testimony because we understand through ultra-realism that this Kingdom is outside us and bigger than us. We are not boastful since we are not even speaking about ourselves. We simply are pointing toward the Kingdom and encouraging others to seek it.

Yellow highlight | Location: 321

I am going to continue crossing the spirit of the world; I am going to tell the spirit of the world that it is a deadly impostor; I am going to tell the spirit of the world that my religion is right and proves itself by the life-giving fruits that this belief produces in action!

Note: Goodwill demands fidelity no matter the cost.

Yellow highlight | Location: 328

The journey of which I speak consists of freedom, joy, and ultimately, I hope, salvation given to me freely and without having earned it.

Note: This Kingdom is given to us freely. Objectively speaking, Christ redeemed the world; however, each must subjectively accept that redemption to find the Kingdom. The Kingdom is available to all; though, not all are willing to accept the gift. This is what delineates those of goodwill from those not of goodwill.

Yellow highlight | Location: 333

the Dogmas, Creed, Scriptures, and Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church

Note: The Church is the Kingdom on earth and the only way to the Kingdom in Heaven. Those of goodwill “seek first the Kingdom” and come to understand through that seeking. Those not of goodwill “seek first what pleases them” before accepting the Kingdom. They demand first to understand in a manner acceptable to them before accepting the Kingdom. This is why “seek first the Kingdom” is such an important instruction. It parses those of goodwill from those not of goodwill. Those who truly trust God seek first the Kingdom that through that world view they might come to understand. “Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6: 33-34.

Le Royaume Cloud

Yellow highlight | Location: 338

This is the God, the true God, Creator of man and all that is, and the God who founded not a religion but a Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church,

Note: The new point of view requires an understanding of the Church as substantively different from spirituality only or a narrow understanding of religion. The Church was founded not by men but by a God-man. Jesus Founded a Church, not a spiritual movement.

Yellow highlight | Location: 340

the God of the objective, life-giving Dogma institutionalized in his Church.

Note: The fruits of Catholic dogma are self-evident to those of goodwill. They are denied and rebuked by those not of goodwill. Our state of goodwill determines our orientation in relation to God.

Yellow highlight | Location: 341

As further clarification, these gifts are universal, supernatural realities shared in union with a real communion of saints and are not the product of mere subjective natural conditioning, be that assumed as psychological, biological, sociological or any other kind of purely natural cause.

Note: The lens of ultra-realism reveals to us objective truths even if we do not understand them. Moderate realism limits us to that which we can understand. Those of goodwill accept what they cannot understand; whereas, those not of goodwill do not accept anything they cannot understand.

Yellow highlight | Location: 346

I mean that God has intervened through the intercession of the saints of the Holy Roman Catholic Church

Note: The saints are the members of this Kingdom and are chosen souls through whom God loves us. This is the essence of charity.

Yellow highlight | Location: 358

If you have survived reading up to this point, you will note that I have summarily stated that God, specifically through his Holy Roman Catholic Church, has given me, without any merit on my part, graces that are a living repudiation of virtually every major heresy and misguided, deadly spirituality and philosophy that curses the earth today.

Note: As members of the Kingdom, we will be a living repudiation of the world.

Yellow highlight | Location: 368

This Dogma of the Roman Catholic Church is burning alive in my soul.

Note: This Dogma is sanctifying grace.

Yellow highlight | Location: 380

This Dogma is the source of eternal life.

Note: Again, this Dogma is sanctifying grace. There is no other way to the Kingdom.

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