Talking Points - Journey to Christendom

Talking points – Journey to Christendom – The Forward

Journey to Christendom

Talking Points are the highlights and notes from my Kindle which identify key themes drawn from the text. The highlighted words are followed by reflections.


Yellow highlight | Kindle Location: 145

St. Joan of Arc pray for us! 

Note: Spirituality has to do with heroism for the truth. Living the truth implies defending the truth. 

This is a manifestation of goodwill. It matters not that in earthly terms we win or lose in our heroic efforts, only that we manifest our goodwill in doing so. The test is in the will which precedes intellectual understanding. We desire the good even before we understand the good. To paraphrase St. Anselm and St. Augustine, “We believe that we might understand.” The battle is won simply by a good-willingness to engage in the battle.

The necessity of goodwill for finding the Kingdom is fundamental to the message of this book and of Le Royaume in general.

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