Little Flowers and Fiery Towers

While idly traipsing through the woods one day (Joan of Arc)

RoyaumeFrance Profile June 2018 with site

While idly traipsing through the woods one day
With nothing much in mind to do but play

I heard a rustle opposite a brook
And found three angels, puzzled, by their looks

So fair in countenance with heads in crowns
They bowed to me in need for one renowned

“Dear Sir, please help in our most noble quest,
Our Lady sent us here at her behest”

“Above, you see, we plan a jubilee
For Joan of Arc from France and Domremy”

“Delighting her is our desire, behold!
We wish to shower her in flakes of gold!”

“But first a question begs our heavenly hosts
We ask, what music Joan of Arc likes most?”

I love all angels; they are kind to me
Though these were troubled, needing help, all three

“I know of nothing here” was my reply
“To her in envy earthly beauty sighs”

“But simple songs of love! Now that should be
The answer sought for her by you and me!”

My angels’ eyes began to dance with glee
They raised their wings and played their strings for me

They danced and sang with bending bows in sync
Like seraphim of ancient lore, we think

We marched and danced and sang our songs along
The pathways narrow reaching fields now gone

A light appeared above the woods and we
Could see a figure shining beautifully

With arms outstretched to draw us ever near
Our Joan stood smiling, cheeks with trickling tears

With her my angel friends departed on
They thanked me ever warmly for triumph won

I smiled and turned again to traipse along
And thought I heard the celebration song

As I did idly muse on my way home
Through woods and fields on trails again alone

I kicked a rock and skipped a time or few
In hopes that I may someday play there too

LFFT KDP Paperback May 2018
This is an excerpt from Little Flowers and Fiery Towers

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