The difference between the Royal Heart in the City of God and the Nationalist in the City of Man

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The historical drama of French politics and culture provides significant insights for contemporary French and American royalists. The French Révolution is an archetype for our own modern cultural revolution which is leading us into the abyss of darkness. It was not difficult to anticipate the fall of American society if one studied the French Révolution and drew the parallels. Furthermore, the American nomenclature of Left and Right derives from the French experience during that Révolution. In addition to these, I would add another point of learning coming out of French history, namely, that we can know something about the difference between Nationalism in the City of Man and the truly Royal Heart in the City of God.

The specific point of reference is that of Charles Maurras (d. 1952), a foundational figure in French royalist circles. On the one hand Maurras understood the cultural significance of “Catholic France” and the Catholic French Monarchy. He advocated National Catholicism. Yet, interestingly, he was himself an agnostic. Maurras saw France through the lens of an intense nationalism where France’s Catholic history played a vital role. However,  it would appear that, as an agnostic, he did not see Catholic France through the lens of Catholic spirituality and Catholic tradition (small “t”). Therefore, Maurras saw Catholic France only as a means to accommodate French Nationalism in the City of Man. In other words, Maurras knew what France is but perhaps not who France is. He was an intense Nationalist more than a true son of the Eldest Daughter.

Conversely, the Royal Heart sees Catholic France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, the lily of the Virgin Mary, and the domain where Christ is King and the earthly King is Christ’s steward, as viewed through the lens of St. Joan of Arc. For the Royal Heart, France, True France, went into exile after the révolutionnaires beat, raped, and tortured her. The French révolution was a Satanic act which targeted Christ and the Virgin Mary through the medium of their Kingdom of France “on earth as it is in Heaven.”


Charles Maurras, representing the French Nationalist in the City of Man, would overlook this mystical, spiritual drama and side with the Orléanists in the royal succession debate. The reason, of course, is twofold: the treaty of Utrecht bound the Bourbon line assuming power in Spain from making a claim on the French throne, and Maurras would have nothing to do with a Spaniard claim to France under any circumstances anyway. This all sounds tidy, except for the fact that the Orléanists played a revolutionary role in the overthrow of Louis XVI and the ancien régime. They betrayed Louis XVI in favor of the Satanic révolutionnaires. The Orléanists participated in the flogging and exile of Christ’s and the Virgin Mary’s Kingdom of France. This is a real problem for the Royal Heart in the City of God.

The Royal Heart in the City of God sees the world through a different lens than does the Nationalist in the City of Man. Certainly, Orléans is of Capetian heritage (from the youngest son of Louis XIII). Therefore, they are not as purely revolutionary as the Bonapartists; yet, their revolutionary past remains a trouble spot for Royal Heart. The Royal Heart tends to agree with Abbé George de Nantes that the integralist Catholic must be a Légitimiste.

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As American royalists supporting “un mouvement pour la reconquête spiritual de Nouvelle France en Amérique” (“a movement for the spiritual reconquest of New France in America”), we can carry forward this lesson. True France (along with True Spain) was in the process of creating and expanding a New Christendom in the Americas during and after the Protestant revolution which opened the Pandora’s box of Freemason spirituality and Enlightenment ideologies. Having been overcome by the Protestant spirit, Great Britain proceeded to route the Catholic presence from “New Christendom” in favor of a Puritan and Anglican empire. The American Founding Fathers ushered in a new nation built on Masonic pillars. New Christendom was dead.

However, the Royal Heart of the City of God seeks the resurrection of that New Christendom. We are not Nationalists in the City of Man, we are Royal Hearts in the City of God. We see the world through a different lens. We are here to resurrect True Catholic and Royal France in the Americas.

We are the Spiritual Diaspora of the Kingdom of Catholic France.

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