July 4th – the Day we celebrate the foundation of the Revolutionary Enlightenment American State

Renewing new US

Growing up I was taught the dogmas of Americanism. In fact, I lived in the heartland of Americanism, something known as the Bible Belt, where Protestantism ruled along with its visible, informal, hierarchical church known as the Republic of the United States. We learned that there were three pillars of truth established by God: Protestantism, Sacred Scripture, and a Sacred American Constitution, essentially of divine origin, that enshrined the traditions of our Protestant faith, eliminated the evils of having Catholic Kings, and established “Separation of Church and State” to make sure no Catholic (or Anglican for that matter – they were almost Catholic for Heaven’s sake) would ever again allow the Church to have real, practical political power. Jesus was American, Protestant, and Republican who believed everyone should be free to do and believe whatever they desire. “I don’t agree with your beliefs, but I’ll fight for your right to believe them” was a common phrase, and though not found in the Bible, was accepted as part of the Protestant, Republican, Bible-based Magisterium. It was “what Jesus would do.”

Such a mess of an ideology, which is no more than an idolization of revolutionary thought, thought which seeks the “kingdom of Satan on earth as it is in hell,” came about, I propose, because Protestants wanted to be Christians but were horrified by Christ’s own Church based in Rome. They say that they need no Church; however, their actions belie their words. They have raised the Republic to be its guarantor of Protestantism, protecting them from that ancient enemy, Catholicism, with its “two swords,” the Church and the Monarch. They say they have no need for Sacred Tradition, but again their actions belie their words. They have divinized the Constitution which was born in part  out of rabid fear of Catholicism and those nasty two swords.

On July 4th, we celebrate the victory of Masonic Deism and the “Enlightenment” over the Catholic Church. We celebrate an Enlightenment so powerful that even the Church hierarchy in the United States succumbed over time and led the way at the Second Vatican Council to model “religious freedom” in the Church after the mesmerizing example of Enlightenment principles in America.

Patriotism is a duty owed to one’s country, and we, the French Catholic Diaspora in America, are patriotic. We love America and its people. For many of us, this is our homeland. We work for her well-being, the safety of her citizens, and most of all for her conversion to the true Faith. This is why we are here, the French Catholic Diaspora. We are here to work for the conversion of the United States, and we emphasize for our part the historical roots of Catholic and Royal France. We only can hope that the Spanish Catholic Diaspora will rise as well, for the same purpose of resurrecting the New Christendom in this hemisphere which was eventually overcome by Anglican Protestantism. We pray for the return of the United States to her Catholic roots prior to the revolution and the onslaught of Protestantism with its derivatives, Deism and Enlightenment principles (jumbled together in modern parlance as “spiritual but not religious” nonsense).

Our greatest act of patriotism is to restore New Christendom through traditional French and Spanish Catholic influences, including the “two swords” of the Church and the Monarch. As the French Catholic Diaspora, we believe (though would never presume) that Our Lord and Our Lady had more edifying plans for America. In the spirit of St. Paul who, inspired by the Holy Spirit, tells us that all authority comes from God and must be respected, we obey and honor our government. However, we want more for our country than a Republic grounded in the Enlightenment can offer. We want the Social Kingship of Christ in America, the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” The Republic promises only the opposite.


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