Mythbusting our Founding Fathers no. 1

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Mythbusting our Founding Fathers no.1:

Far from what we were led to believe in our youth, the Founding Fathers were no different than the elite liberal establishment of today. The Founding Fathers would be quite at home with the elitism of both modern political parties. The Founding Fathers cared less for the average person than does Hillary Clinton. The Founding Fathers were:

1) Oligarchs and elitists who cared not at all that the average settler would have to pay higher taxes through the Sugar Act tax in 1764, the Stamp Act in 1765, or the Tea tax of 1767. They only thought that they, the wealthy and “proven,” should not have to pay them.

2) Smugglers who objected to the Tea Tax because many of them made huge profits on the backs of average settlers by bringing in cheap illegal goods from French, Dutch, and Spanish colonies and selling them for exorbitant profits. The Tea Tax meant they would have to import legally, which would kill their profits.

3) Wealthy elitists who hypocritically proclaimed “no taxation without representation” while they themselves ruled the assemblies and justice system in the colonies caring nothing about the “representation” of the average settler. The Fathers would never have wanted to live under their rules.

4) Mobsters and thugs, specifically Hancock, Adams, and Revere, who rendered entire towns ungovernable through the use of mob rule. If you were a poor, average schmoe just trying to make a living, you either did not pay the tax and were then a criminal, or, you paid the tax and got roughed up by Hancock, Adams, and Revere’s “enforcers.”

(Inspiration: Charles Coulombe – Puritan’s Empire; however,  ideological slant with occasional careless inferences by Walter Adams)

We often talk about how little our politicians today care about our Founding fathers. I think they are walking perfectly in their footsteps!

~ Walter Adams on behalf of the French Catholic Diaspora in America


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