The fields of Christendom (Part 3)


The fields of Christendom (Part 3)

As the three of us made our way
Through a mountain pass
We had reached from far below
We covered ourselves to protect
Against the encroaching cold

How far we had come on this
Mysterious journey of life!
How magical the paths, the surprises
And the communion of saints!
These daughters of God stayed faithfully near

Remember how out of a very Dark Forest
I found these marvelous companions?
(Rather, they had found me!)
A vision then followed of a kingdom
In the distance where everyone danced

Then, finding freedom at last
To make a choice to obey
Direction was then offered
A March of Hope on an ancient pathway
And now, we were crossing the threshold…

“…to a land of authentic Love”
It was Joan of Arc this time interrupting
She seemed to have read my mind
I listened quietly
I had learned to be still

“Now do you see?” dear Joan went on
“How God’s fountain flows?
Constructed in Order and by Reason
Of God’s almighty wisdom?”
She smiled

“The greatest of all came with
His majestic love to save us
We, the lost, and dying, below
The strong help the weak
Beginning with Him grace flows”

“And this is how the perfection
Of creation was made
Through varying degrees
The least and the greatest
Make a magnificent whole”

Joan of Arc continued
As we finally began crossing the ridge
“The least reach up knowing their need
While the greater help and kneel down
Humility and love is how we are bound”

Right then we stepped over
To a view that shook my soul
The land I had been seeking
With the guidance of these saintly sisters
It was the new garden, the heart of Mary

And in that heart
Was the cradle of the Kingdom
Order and beauty and obedience
On the path of the Dogmatic Creed
Had brought me to heaven’s door

My saintly companions
Thérèse and Joan of Arc
Knelt down in prostration
Toward that land of authentic love
To worship the Christ

I then did what I had done
For this whole journey long
Knowing that He through
His Mother had sent to me Thérèse and Joan

…I did what they did
I simply followed their lead
With a heart bursting with gladness
I fell tearfully to my knees

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