Novena prayer to St. Philomena



From the National Shrine of St. Philomena in Briggsville WI

Faithful Virgin and distinguished Martyr – St. Philomena
I rejoice in your glory, and I am exultant with joy
When I see you glorifying God,
Particularly with miracles
In favor of the poor and of those with simple hearts.

I pray that His Divine Majesty designates
Your name to more and more people,
that he reveals your power and increases your servants

Oh dear and good St. Philomena
Here I am at your feet, full of humility but still full of hope,
I invoke your charity –

Oh great and lovable Saint
Protect me from the enemies of salvation
And always pray to our Lord Jesus that he grant me the grace
To serve him in this world and then to belong to him for eternity.


Saint Philomena cloud